Student Accident/Insurance Information

Our district participates in a student accident insurance program that covers your child for injuries incurred while he or she is participating in school sponsored and supervised activities including all athletics. This plan is secondary to any primary insurance the student may currently have in place.

The carrier is Gerber Life Insurance Company. The mandatory coverage provides up to $25,000 per accident. If the cost exceeds the $25,000, the catastrophic coverage will pay up to $5,000,000. Coverage is not provided for injuries that are not caused by an accident. No treatment is provided for hernia, all types, regardless of cause, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, or osteochondritis.

The student’s parent or guardian is responsible for completing and submitting the information to WEBTPA. Please complete part 1-B of the accident form and follow the instructions on the accident form.

Itemized bills for medical expenses must be attached to the claim form. Before mailing you are encouraged to keep a copy for your records and any follow up you may need to make with the insurance company.

Vienna High School is not responsible for filing insurance claims.

Parents/guardians may elect to enroll their child in the non-school related accident coverage as well as dental accident coverage. Enrollment for these plans must be done on-line at the Gerber Life Insurance website (
Please find additional information in the  files below.
If you have questions, you may contact Zevitz, Redfield & Associates at 312-346-7450 or 847-374-0888 for additional information.