Southern Illinois Future Teachers Coalition

The Partners
The Southern Illinois Future Teachers Coalition (SIFTC) is a partnership between 
John A. Logan CollegeShawnee Community CollegeSouthern Illinois University, the Illinois State Board of Education, and nine Southern Illinois high schools which include Anna-JonesboroCartervilleCobdenJohnston CityJoppaMassacMeridianVienna, and West Frankfort.

The Mission/Purpose
SIFTC is working to address the teacher shortage that is being experienced state-wide with targeted programming at the local level in Southern Illinois. For a comprehensive overview of the efforts please review the current grant application at this link: SIFTC CTE Educator Career Pathway Grant.pdf.

SIFTC is lead by coordinators Brooke May ( and Leslie Bradley ( Both Mrs. May and Mrs. Bradley are highly motivated and passionate people that are leading the work and fulfilling the mission and purpose of creating an effective and diverse educator pipeline in Southern Illinois by addressing the teacher shortage with long-term aligned solutions.


Leslie Bradley

Director of Student Career Services


Brooke May

Southern Illinois Future Teachers Coalition Director

Job Description
SIFTC Education Career Pathway Job Description.pdf.

How we started...
SIU is spearheading project to propel high school students into teaching careers.

ISBE Education Career Pathway Grant
Illinois State Board of Education informational page on the Education Career Pathway Grant. Follow the below link and then scroll the dark blue bars near the bottom and select CTE Education Career Pathway Grant.

ISBE Career and Technical Education Grants

Press Releases
- ISBE Awards Grants for Teacher Shortage in Southern Illinois

Media Coverage
- Coalition of southern Illinois schools gets $1M grant to address teacher shortage
- SIU is spearheading project to propel high school students into teaching careers
- $1M ISBE grant to teacher coalition aims to create pipeline for homegrown educators
- Hundreds of high school, jr. college students attend SIU Education Day
- The Teacher Shortage Has Been Devastating, But Some Programs are Looking To Change This

Additional Resources
- IARSS Educator Shortage Dashboard
- NIU Education Systems Center Scaling Education Pathways in Illinois (SEPI)
- Golden Apple
- ISBE College and Career Pathway Endorsements

-The Geography of the New Teacher Pipeline

-The State of Our Educator Pipeline 2023

Photo Package
The photo package below captures Vienna students in dual credit education courses fulfilling the observation requirements. The students in these courses are meeting the requirements for Human Development and Learning (EDUC214) and Diversity in Education (EDUC211) at Southern Illinois University.

teaching kids

Brady Rudluff is pictured playing Uno with Mrs. Vinson’s kindergarten students.

teaching kids

Harmony Womack is pictured helping a Vienna first grader practice her reading skills.

teaching kids

Alli Knaak is assisting in Mrs. Quertermous’ 1st grade class. She is pictured helping the student with his Scholastic work.

teaching kids

Maddie Thorton starts her observation work each Friday at recess with the 5th grade students.

teaching kids

Heather Trambley helping an 8th grade student in Mrs. Douglas’ class with preparing for an upcoming test over The Outsiders.