Emergency Updates

Current COVID19 Updates...
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Check out our FAQs, Did You Knows, and Grab and Go Meal Plan for Buncombe, Cypress, New Simpson Hill, Vienna Grade, and Vienn High School at this link: Coronavirus-School Closure FAQ

Chekc out our Remote Learning Plan here.

Check out the latest ISBE updates at this link: ISBE COVID19 Updates: https://www.isbe.net/covid19

Yearbooks, Senior Pictures, Ads for Grads, etc!!!
Seniors- please make sure to submit your graduation information by emailing Mrs. Bradley at lesliembradley@viennahighschool.com. She has sent out emails to all seniors.
Senior pictures will be accepted until May 15. Please email them to Mr. Palmer at marclpalmer@viennahighschool.com or mail them to the high school at Attn: Marc Palmer, 601 N. 1st Street, Vienna, IL 62995.
Ads for Grads will be accepted until May 15th. Submit Ads for Grads by printing the Ads for Grads form and returning it per the form instructions which is available at http://www.viennahighschool.com/media/the_illianna_yearbook. You can also submit a similar handwritten message if you are unable to print the form. 
2020 VHS Illianna Yearbook orders will be accepted until May 15. There is a yearbook link for ordering at http://www.viennahighschool.com/media/the_illianna_yearbook or go directly to https://www.balfour.com/illinois/vienna/vienna-high-school.

Remote Learning Extended
Vienna is grateful for the recognition in the governor's press conference today about the deployment of WiFi school buses. Much thanks to Mark Racey for working out all of the details to make it possible. Please visit http://www.viennahighschool.com/emergencyupdates for a complete list of WiFi locations.
Also, check out the interview that Principal John Giffin did with WSIL at https://wsiltv.com/2020/04/10/rural-schools-work-to-connect-students-internet/.
The governor's press conference also extended Remote Learning for the remainder of the school year. I know that this extension brings about several questions. We have provided a great deal of information at http://www.viennahighschool.com/emergencyupdates and will continue to provided updates on this page.
The Buncombe, Cypress, New Simpson Hill, and Vienna meal delivery is also going to a once every two weeks delivery. Please read more at http://www.viennahighschool.com/emergencyupdates.
Joshua W. Stafford
School Superintendent
WSIL John Giffin

Update on Remote Learning Days

Did you know…
We are on day 7 (Wednesday, April 15) of remote learning! Teachers have been providing educational material with high participation rates from students. Currently in the driver’s education classroom portion we are at approximately 96% participation!
Did you know…
That you as a parent can monitor student progress and assignments through Google Classroom? Many parents have been added via their email address already. If you haven't please email any of your child's teachers and request to be added. You can find teacher email addresses listed in the “Staff Directory” at www.viennahighschool.com or find them at the end of this document.
Did you know…
You can access your student’s schedule, including course and teacher names, and their grades online. Go to www.viennahighschool.com and choose the “Resources” link on the main menu. From there choose “Student/Parent Resources” and then select “Parent Access Registration.” Follow the instructions on this page and select “Register” to sign up for a username and password.
Did you know…
If your child does not have a device you can check one out from the school by contact 618-658-4461 x 217 or info@viennahighschool.com. We also have several locations where WiFi is accessible. See the list below.
Did you know...
If your child is unable to go online you can receive paper packets for classes. Call the school at 618-658-4461 x 217 and leave a message. Someone will return your call with information about the packets. Any packet assignments can be turned in at the commons entrance (Door J) of the school (where the busses load and unload). There will be a container inside the door for them. The door will be unlocked from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Open WiFi
We are compiling a list of open WiFi locations. Please be respectful of your use of these locations. The intent is that, if needed, you can go and use these locations from the outside of the building, but does not mean that groups of people are congregating around each other. Many people are utilizing these locations from their cars.
WiFi Open Locations:
Buncombe Grade School
164 Main St, Buncombe, IL 62912
Cypress Grade School
4580 Mt Pisgah Rd, Cypress, IL 62923
New Simpson Hill Grade School
95 Tunnel Hill Rd, Ozark, IL 62972
Vienna Grade School
310 North 3rd Street, Vienna, IL 62995
Vienna High School
601 North First Street, Vienna, IL 62995
Cypress Village Hall
7750 Main St, Cypress, IL 62923
Fellowship Baptist Church
890 Senior Drive, Vienna, IL 62995
Vienna McDonald's
707 East Vine Street, Viena, IL 62995
Bus, Simpson Post Office
329 Main St, Simpson, IL 62985
Bus, New Burnside Park
New Burnside, IL 62967
Bus, Ozark Baptist Church
632 Ozark Road #496, Ozark, IL 62972
Bus, Belknap Post Office
58 W Main St, Belknap, IL 62908

Teacher Email Addresses:
Kaylee Adams
Kathy Anderson
Lenore Ashby
Leslie Bradley
Edna Bundren
Joan Clayton
Toni French
John Giffin
Jeff Goddard
Peter Gresk
Rebecca Guest
Kara Hight
David Hill
Max Hook
Michelle Hunsaker
Amy Johnson
Brian Jones
Jamie Kerley
Colleen Lindsay
David Mateyka
Brandon McKinney
Kyle Mitchell
Beth Palmer
Marc Palmer
Brian Rick
Heather Rottmann
Rhi Slife
Sherie Smith
Joshua Stafford
Theresa Stearns
Nicole Trovillion
Larry Walker
Jason West

Hello, this is Mr. Giffin from Vienna High School. Our remote learning days have started and students should be checking their Vienna High School emails for instructions from their teachers. If you do not have internet or email access, please call Vienna High School at 658-4461 extension 217 and leave a message so that we can reach out to you for further instructions.  Thank you   

School Closure Extended through April 30th...
Please check out our updated Coronavius-School Closure FAQ document. It covers alot of information with the updates in red text.
As a reminder...
We have never done this before. This will not be perfect, but we will all work together and figure it out!
Our priorities:
1. Feed kids that need it while school is closed,
2. Be a support system for kids and families while school is closed,
3. Actively work to take care of our community and those around us, and once those things are taken care of,
4. Do the best that everyone can with Remote Learning Days.

Hello, this is Mr. Giffin from Vienna High School. I wanted to let everyone know that per the governor's press conference today he has extended the school closure through Thursday, April 30th. Even with this extension, we will continue to be expected to do Remote Learning Days for the remainder of the school year with the last day for seniors still being May 8th and all other students May 21st

Today, Tuesday, March 31st, started the first official day of Remote Learning.

If you do not have any access to email or the internet, please call the Vienna High School office at 618-658-4461 extension 217 and leave a message so that we can reach out to you.

Teachers will be teaching via various methods and means including sending home packets, while others are providing books, computers/laptops, remote learning opportunities, and the list goes on.

The intent of this effort, as mandated by the state, is to continue to do the best we can to provide educational opportunities, while at the same time to do “no educational harm to any child.” For our local context, that means that all student work collected during remote learning days will be checked for student progress and will not harm their current grade. Each student will be instructed as to what this will look like from their teacher(s).

Teachers that have not heard from students will be doing their best to reach out to them.

If you do not receive communication or educational resources from your teachers in the next couple of days, please reach out to your teacher. 

Once again, If you do not have any access to email or the internet, please call the Vienna High School office at 618-658-4461 extension 217 and leave a message so that we can reach out to you.

We have never done this before. This will not be perfect, but we will all work together and figure it out!

Thank you 

It will not be perfect...
We have never done this before. This will not be perfect, but we will all work together and figure it out!
Our priorities:
1. Feed kids that need it while school is closed,
2. Be a support system for kids and families while school is closed,
3. Actively work to take care of our community and those around us, and once those things are taken care of,
4. Do the best that everyone can with state mandated Remote Learning Days. Undoubtedly we will learn something.
We are developing further communication with updates that we will send out after the governor speaks today.
KFVS did a segment last night on this new frontier. Check it out at the link below. https://www.kfvs12.com/2020/03/31/remote-learning-illinois-begin-tuesday-students-teachers-isbe-offers-recommendations/

Meal Plan Update...
Hello, this is Mr. Giffin from Vienna High School. I wanted to let everyone know about the updated drop off and delivery meal plan. Our plan moving forward, starting Friday, March 27, 2020 will be providing meals for a 5-day period. We will be at the drop off sites and providing delivery every Friday at the same times. Each student will receive a meal for breakfast and lunch, a snack with juice, and a milk per day for the 5 days. Any student 18 and under from any of our local schools is eligible for the free meal plan. If you have not been receiving meals and would like to sign up, please contact us at 618-658-4461 extension 217 and leave a message. If you are unable to go to any of the pickup locations, we will also deliver. I want to thank everyone who continues to offer resources and volunteer during this unique experience. I hope everyone is spending quality time with their loved ones and I hope to see everyone soon. Thank you

School Closure Extended
Per Governor Pritzker's press conference today the school closure in Illinois will be extended through Tuesday, April 7th. For the schools in our system this will only add four additional days out of school since it runs in to our Easter Break week. Attendance will resume on Monday, April 13, due to Easter Break. At this time meals continue as planned during the school closure. We will release more details as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Joshua W. Stafford
School Superintendent

School Closure Update (2020/03/15)…
Hello this is Mr. Stafford. Over the last three days we have been working diligently and collaboratively with the administrative teams from Buncombe, Cypress, New Simpson Hill, Vienna Grade, and the high school to establish clear, simple, and consistent answers to the many questions that our community is faced with due to the decisions of state level officials that are beyond our control.
We know that keeping all of the schools in our dual district system on the same page during this time will be a help to families with children in multiple buildings and our community as a whole. It is impossible to address all of these many important questions in a recorded phone or video message so we have prepared a document that has been sent out via email, published on social media, and online at http://www.viennahs.com/emergencyupdates. Printed copies will be given to each student tomorrow, Monday, March 16th.This will be the last day of school and will be a full regular dismissal day, with a projected return date of Tuesday, March 31.
We do appreciate your patience and are humbled by the outpouring from all of those in the community that have extended offers of resources and volunteer time to ensure that our students are taken care of and safe during this unique situation.
Thank You.

CORRECTION: Planned reopen date is Tuesday, March 31
School Closure: Directive from Governor Pritzker
Per a directive from Governor Pritzker schools in Illinois will be closed starting on Tuesday, March 17, through at least Monday, March 30, with plans to reopen on Tuesday, March 31. We will be in session on Monday in order to attempt to make needed arrangements for continued instruction to the best of our ability. We will release more details as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Joshua W. Stafford
School Superintendent

Moments in history... (disclaimer: this is about COVID-19)
There are moments in history that bring about unique challenges, while at the same time, many would agree that there is "nothing new under the sun." Indeed, humanity has been faced with outbreaks before of various severity, kinds, and lengths.
Much attention has been drawn to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This situation has been developing and is continuing to do so at a rapid pace with near minute to minute changes. Most everyone has the best intentions and it can be overwhelming to process all of the known and a great deal of unknown information, while at the same time filtering out those who would spread false information (i.e. there is currently a fake website circulating that is claiming to be John Hopkins and showing a map of the outbreak).
This morning, I, along with follow school administrators and officials, from several of the surrounding counties spent time in a meeting with the Illinois Department of Public Health. We have also been in contact with other local and state officials and agencies. As of my last count the states of Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, Michigan and West Virginia have ordered all schools closed, and the Kentucky governor has recommended closing schools.
At this moment that has not officially occurred in Illinois, but as things progress it seems to be a possible outcome. Governor Pritzker is expected to hold a press conference at 4:00pm today.
If the governor were to close school we will likely start off by using what is known as "emergency days," which are much like snow days (use a day and make it up at the end of the year for up to five days, which in our situation could be up to four at this point because we have already had one emergency day used for weather). During the usage of the emergency days we would be working with state officials to develop a more concrete plan as how to best continue the delivery instruction to students and also aid in providing for basic student needs to ensure the maximum safety and well-being of everyone. Many of the classes already have strong online components and the state is making allowances for E-Learning Days.
Global, federal, state, and local agencies are providing various guidance, however they would each indicate that there are not a one size fits all answer. Locally we have not been faced directly with any known cases, but we are working to be proactive with all of the basics, such as sanitizing, cleaning, hand washing, etc., and make reasonable preparation for the possibilities.
In the meantime, please reach out with any questions or concerns that you might have and also know that, as is always our practice, as details change we will continue to communicate.
Joshua W. Stafford
School Superintendent